The secret of good taste

"Pursuing deliciousness for 70 years"

Nikakudo has produced a number of delicious foods with traditional techniques and the spirit of pursuing deliciousness.

Ingredients used for our products are strictly selected. A considerable amount of efforts was devoted to our products so that our customers can enjoy the superior taste of our products.

For example, our sweets are not merely produced following a manualized procedure. Experts adjust the production process slightly every day according to the daily temperature and weather. This can be done only through the techniques of skilled confectioners amassed through the long history of pursuing deliciousness.

You will understand the techniques and minds of our confectioners as you eat our products with every bite, including the technique of wrapping adzuki bean jelly without breaking soft Baumkuchen (a German traditional cake) and the fine adjustment of baking products.

We will continue to offer delicious confectioneries unique to Fukuoka Prefecture / Hakata Area to you with our whole heart.

The secret of good taste

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