Nakasu de Ichigo (seasonal product) (from fall to spring)

Nakasu de Ichigo (seasonal product) (from fall to spring)

"Sweet-sour confectionery"

Freeze-dried strawberries are wrapped in chocolate with a dissolving feeling in the mouth.
The sourness of strawberries and excellent sweetness are matched. This confectionery has a soft taste. Slightly sour strawberries are selected because we would like you to enjoy the sweet-sourness of strawberries.
This confectionery is a seasonal product from around fall to spring, and it makes you feel the Fukuoka / Hakata springtime.

Name Nakasu de Ichigo(seasonal product)  Freshness date 60 days from the day it is shipped   Storing no refrigeration (Preserve this product at the temperature of 28℃ or less.) Specific raw materials milk ingredient, soy bean   Calories 61 kcal per one piece (our analysis level)

(seasonal product)


Price: 864 yen (Tax-included)

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